What We Classify

Know what’s inside data lakes and warehouses with data classes that cover everything from API tokens to Estonian Driver’s License IDs

Variety of data classifications, some are hidden and unknown

Effortless clarity at scale

Historically, data classification projects have often been “hands on” projects that require manual effort to achieve a respectable level of accuracy. The alternative to this painstaking approach? Automation that produced inaccurate results, took far too long or simply didn’t make sense from a cost perspective. Open Raven’s cloud native, common sense approach solves these longstanding problems, starting with accuracy achieved through a combination of machine learning, pattern matching, extensive testing with Mockingbird and optional API-based validation. Speed and cost effectiveness are delivered by classification as code harnessing serverless functions. Open Raven delivers the clarity you need at the right time, without breaking your budget.

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Open Raven is more flexible than your yoga instructor. Need a custom data class? You can create a bespoke class directly within the UI. How about using your own API for validation? No problem. Or maybe you only want to analyze a sample percentage of your data while excluding specific file types? We’ve got you covered.

Examples of data types and formats we classify include:

  • AWS Access keys
  • Braintree API key
  • Database connection string (JDBC & ODBC)
  • Facebook Access Token
  • Generic Secret Key
  • GitHub API key (PATs)
  • Google Cloud Platform API key
  • Google Drive API key
  • Google Gmail API key
  • Heroku API key
  • Mailchimp API key
  • Mailgun API key
  • PayPal Access Token
  • PGP Private key
  • RSA Private key
  • Slack API key
  • SSH key
  • Stripe API key
  • Square API access token
  • Twilio API key
  • Twitter API key
  • URL password
  • X.509 Digital Certificates

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  • Address
  • Drivers License (US, UK, EU)
  • Email Address
  • IP Address
  • License Plate Number
  • Name
  • National ID Number (EU - Austria, Belgium, etc.)
  • Telephone Number (US, UK)
  • Telephone Number (EU - Croatia, Czech Republic, etc.)
  • Passport ID (US, UK, EU)
  • Taxpayer Number (US, UK, EU)
  • UK Electoral Roll Number
  • UK National Insurance Number
  • US Social Security Number

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  • UK National Health Service Number
  • US Drug Enforcement Agency Registration Number
  • US Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)
  • US Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN)
  • US Medical Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)
  • US National Drug Code (NDC)
  • US National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • US Unique Device Identifier (UDI)

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  • Apache Avro
  • Apache Parquet
  • Compressed Files
  • Microsoft Office Documents - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • OpenDocument Formats
  • Source code
  • Text Based (JSON, CSV, .txt, .log, .html, etc.)
  • XML

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  • Bank Account Number (US & UK)
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Payment Card (gift, pre-paid, etc.)

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Create your own data classes. Here are some examples:

  • Any GDPR Data
  • Automotive VIN Number
  • Computer Hardware Number
  • Computer Game Code
  • Employee Number
  • Document Reference Number
  • Insurance Claim
  • Legal Claim
  • Cookie ID's
  • Mobile Advertising ID's
  • ITAR and EAR Data
  • FISMA Data

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