Common questions about our platform, pricing, and deployment


What is Open Raven?
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Open Raven is a cloud-native data security platform purpose-built for protecting modern data lakes and warehouses. From finding all data locations to proactively identifying exposure, the platform solves a broad spectrum of problems organizations commonly face when living with large amounts of cloud-based data.

What types of data stores can Open Raven discover?
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Open Raven discovers data stores on both native and non-native cloud services using a combination of native APIs and machine learning-based fingerprinting (DMAP). Examples of native data stores include Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon RDS. Examples of non-native data stores include Oracle, MongoDB, or ElasticSearch running on Amazon EC2.

Safe & Private

How does Open Raven work? Does it use an agent, sidecar, or network scanner?
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To maximize visibility and ease deployment Open Raven uses:

  • Read only access to native APIs
  • Serverless (AWS Lambda-based) analysis (e.g., for data store fingerprinting, data classification, etc.)

Open Raven does not use sidecars, agents or network scanners to discover and analyze a cloud environment.

Analysis is highly configurable and optimizable for speed, cost, and completeness (breadth or depth).

Open Raven’s serverless analysis method scales seamlessly and reports back results centrally with no changes to network security rules. The result is effortless scaling across even the largest organizations.

Do I have control of how Open Raven performs discovery?
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We designed our discovery capabilities to be both straightforward and flexible. If you’d like to start with a single account and inventory, let the defaults guide you through the lightweight analysis, and you can visually explore the results after. Add an entire AWS organization and identify all data services and storage for full breadth. Or, select the data stores of interest and your preferred classification for depth of content comprehension.

What are the deployment options for Open Raven?
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Open Raven is delivered as software as a service (SaaS). The platform is located and operated from Open Raven’s cloud with a private, single-tenant design. The platform uses serverless functions (FaaS) within a customer’s environment to perform analysis and communicate back to the dedicated Open Raven cluster in our environment.

What level of access does Open Raven need in my AWS environment?
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Open Raven requires an IAM role with read-only permissions.

Does Open Raven have access to any of my data?
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Open Raven does not remove, store, or process the data you have within your cloud. The platform uses native functionality within your IaaS environment to analyze data and return results to your Open Raven cluster. The platform does not enable remote access to data within your cloud environment.

Open Raven has access to and collects specific licensing and platform health information for each of its customers as necessary to ensure a great experience.

Will any data from another region move to Open Raven?
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Today, the Open Raven Data Security Platform is hosted solely in the United States. We do not move data between cloud regions; service data remains exclusively within your account.

You can, however, use Open Raven in whichever regions you need it. The platform is commonly used to create a complete picture of global cloud estates stretching across many regions and VPCs. Your sensitive and regulated data does not move out of those regions. Metadata alone is created and transmitted as necessary.

What measures are in place protect the availability of the Open Raven platform?
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Automated tools and processes monitor the platform for uptime, performance, and behavioral anomalies. A resilient architecture enables the platform to resume operating promptly (hours) in the event of service disruption and minimizes the potential for loss of data. Also, since Open Raven is separated from your data, there would be no impact on customer data or operations.

How long is data retained within Open Raven?
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Data is retained in a customer's Open Raven account for as long as they have a valid subscription. Upon termination of their account, data will be deleted within 30 days.

Fast and Friction-free

How much time does it take to get up and running with Open Raven?
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During a typical installation, it takes less than 5 minutes to connect Open Raven to your AWS accounts. Open Raven can connect to all AWS accounts in an organization or to individual accounts. After connecting your AWS accounts, discovery and mapping happen automatically with the exact time required to view the map of your environment depending on its respective size and scale.

Do I have to update Open Raven with new releases? How does it work?
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Open Raven automatically updates with no manual effort required. The platform sends notifications when significant new releases are available to inform you of the latest features and capabilities. We can modify how we deliver updates to match organizational preferences if you need additional control.

We have thousands of accounts and VPCs. How does Open Raven scale?
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Open Raven is designed to scale for the needs of large, global enterprises. This starts with the ability to connect to the platform at the AWS organization level versus adding accounts individually. 

Controls for tuning discovery and analysis are widely available across the platform, allowing you to configure the amount of serverless functions used, the depth of data inventory and classification, and the extent of policy analysis. 

As a SaaS service, we scale the underlying platform on your behalf, allowing you to focus solely on getting the most value out of the service itself.

I have a shared account with a business partner. Can I have more than one instance of Open Raven in my account?
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You can share access to an Open Raven platform with a partner, and you can have more than one workspace in your account.

Configure access for whomever you’d like within a shared workspace, as a user or administrator. You and the partner can view data within Open Raven, or you can forward data to that partner via built-in integrations or streaming API.

Budget Friendly

How much does it cost to use/license Open Raven?
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Open Raven's annual subscription pricing is straightforward and predictable. The number of data stores, such as the identified number of AWS S3 buckets, RDS instances, MongoDB, etc., determines the price. Included in the price of each data store is 10GB of data (i.e., for inventory, classification, etc.). You can purchase additional storage if more than the included amount is needed.

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