Strengthen data security with Google Cloud and Open Raven

360° Cloud data visibility and control
Data discovery, classification, posture assessment, and leak prevention.

Why Open Raven?

Built for security with predefined classes that identify regulated and sensitive data and developer secrets, composite data classes, metadata scanning, a custom data class editor for creating business-specific classes.


Data location, inventory and classification are hands free. Policies do the work of identifying risk, automations provide “if this, then that” style actions in response to events.


Create or customize data classes, data previews, scan budgets, rules, and policies.

Complete and accurate analysis

Complete visibility into all data at rest using 300+ default data classes including personal, financial and health data as well as developer secrets.


The power to handle petabyte-scale with the flexibility to fit your budget. Data scans allow for per scan budgets and cost 1/10th to 1/100th of competing approaches.


Open Core design with projects available in GitHub, the ability to customize data classes., validator functions, rules, and policies, and easy operationalization through integrations and APIs.

Secure and private

Your data stays where it is. Open Raven is cloud-native and runs with read-only access; no agents or dedicated compute. Only a configurable amount of metadata is sent to our platform.