SaaS Data Loss Prevention

Financial plans, board slides, sales proposals, and employment contracts are just a few examples of the sensitive files that reside in Google Drive with little more than basic authentication to secure them. It’s far too easy to accidentally share sensitive data with external parties. Or to overshare confidential information internally. Further, understanding file age and access patterns is key to managing retention— often a challenging task without additional help. CASB solutions and Google DLP fall short as inflexible, often noisy, and expensive options.
Open Raven connected to four assets. Above the assets are DLP alerts including Access to Anyone with the link, Files shared with 3+ external domains, Folders shared with 15+ individual users, and Externally shared file contain Financial Data.

Eliminate insider and offboarded employees and partners sharing risk

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Discover and classify shared sensitive data in Google Drive

Automatically find and classify sensitive files using 300+ default data classes, from personal information to developer secrets. Data and file identification is fully customizable and complete, allowing for creation of new data classes and “group” classes like PII or PHI. Accuracy assured via AI and extensive testing using Mockingbird.
Google Drive icon connected to a variety of data classes – Healthcare, PII, Developer Secrets, Financial, and more.
File with an exclamation point in the middle.

Eliminate hidden risk from overshared and externally shared files

Sensitive files in Google Drive that are either overshared or shared externally represent significant security and compliance risk, potentially exposing high risk data to unauthorized users. Such exposures can lead to data breaches, privacy violations, and compromise of confidential data. Open Raven quickly identifies files with excessive risk and enables automated response actions.
Files in the finance-2023 folder with Credit Card Numbers, US Bank Numbers, UK Bank Numbers, SSNs, and Square API Keys. There is an alert that there are 348 shares, 47 that are external and 113 personal.
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Audit and control access permissions

Google Drive simplifies productivity and collaboration, yet security teams have real challenges enforcing company data governance policies, restricting 3rd party access, and making timely access changes when offboarding employees. With Open Raven, security teams can maintain consistent visibility and conduct periodic audits of access permissions while mitigating data breaches, leaks, compliance lapses, and improper sharing of confidential data.
Panel for Marketing Budget Q4 Google Sheet. Clicked into the Access Tab. A few users from the list with personal addresses are selected and the 'Remove access for selected users' appeared.
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Identify stale sensitive data

Dealing with data sprawl in Google Drive poses a significant challenge for security teams. While imposing file creation restrictions enhances security, it can hamper productivity and teamwork. Files and folders often remain in gDrive long after their usefulness expires or beyond retention requirements resulting in stale data. Open Raven empowers security teams to establish policies detecting stale files containing sensitive data. Access can be restricted or files tagged for removal, effectively curbing risks and lowering expenses.
Create policy rule modal. The filters are set to Last Accessed over 90 days ago, Created over 1 year ago, and Data collections is Sensitive Data.