Pinpoint data risk with powerful data context

Data is the last mile in any breach, yet far too often it’s hard to see and difficult to manage. Privacy-driven approaches fail to operationalize. DIY efforts with native services are painful. Enter Open Raven.

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Use Case

Discover and classify data

Left unchecked, data sprawl leaves sensitive data in places it's unwanted or exposed. The result is excessive risk, unnecessary costs and compliance work that’s harder than it should be.
Environments connected to Open Raven showing which assets have violations like public PII, GDPR rule violation, and exposed developer secrets
Use Case

Assess the security posture of data

The growing problem of managing data risk has newfound urgency. Data extortion is rising, with attackers threatening to leak sensitive data rather than holding it for ransom. Security teams can’t be in a position where attackers know more about their data than they do.
Open Raven map showing all assets with one asset in violation and it's connections to other regions
Use Case

Establish guardrails for data

The liquid, ever expanding nature of data sets the table for data sprawl but the problem is compounded by a lack of clear ownership for data hygiene. Data teams are held responsible for delivering on data science projects and analytics-- not keeping data safe.
Command of "Find stale data and shadow data" with assets connected to the Open Raven platform and highlighted
Use Case

Eliminate shadow and stale data

60-90% of all data goes unused, or dark, quietly accumulating in the cloud. Some of this neglected data has gone stale, expanding an organization’s data surface while increasing its cost and risk. Other times data is copied and simply forgotten in the rush to get a project completed, creating shadow resources that hide in plain sight.
List of All Violations with Rule Type is DLP, Status is Open, and Date Found is Last 7 days filters are applied.
Use Case

Enforce data security policies for file and folder sharing

Google Drive makes it all too easy to share sensitive data with the wrong party and demands persistent vigilance and end-user training. Every user has the power to expose it - internally and externally. Enforcing corporate data security policies via scripts doesn't scale or offer enough functionality. Corporate Security teams need a modern take on data loss prevention.
Use Case

Remove access for offboarded people and partners and all of their sharing

Merely revoking access and transferring file and folder ownership upon the departure of employees or partners is not sufficient to remediate all data security risks. A thorough offboarding process requires addressing and rectifying the sharing activities of these individuals.
Use Case

Prevent data-focused attacks

Sensitive data discovered and classified? Yes. Security posture guardrails in place and automated? Check. Now, take the next step: Monitor risk to your most sensitive and critical data with proactive, near real-time detection of potentially malicious data events. Avoid becoming the next data breach headline or compliance audit subject.
The Open Raven data catalog with the filter of "Access: IAM User Terry Crisp can Write, Read"
Use Case

Audit S3 access permissions

Untangle the various access policies, bucket policies, and IAM roles that control access to your data.