See how to restore visibility and control of your public cloud data

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From full visualization of your cloud estate to pinpointing data leaks, let us demonstrate how Open Raven answers the hard questions of data security

  • Inventory cloud data and assets ー without the gaps left by agents or sidecars
  • Find and act on exposed data at petabyte scale
  • Automate data policy monitoring, such as partner data sharing contracts
  • Streamline data privacy and compliance efforts

Why Open Raven?

Deeper Discovery

Auto-discover where and what your data is across more of your public cloud estate.

Faster Risk Response

Faster notification of risk events & speedier alert triage so that data exposure is resolved quicklyー and quietly.

Better Cost Savings

Deploy a turn-key platform with a low cost continuous consumption model.

Performance at Scale

Protect data across larger enterprise public environments without performance or cost limits.