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Knowing how an environment changes over time is invaluable – for spotting trends, budgeting, planning, and more. Pinpoint queries with raw data are equally helpful for answering detailed questions. Open Raven’s Analytics combines trending, search, and reports for a full view of data.

Simplified UI of a map, first modal says 'Asset Violation Count by Policy' and has a graph underneath. Second modal says 'Policy Violation Dashboard' and has 'Total Policy Violations', 'Accounts in Violation', and 'Assets in Violation' as well as High, Medium, and Low Severity

Combine trending, search, and reports for a full view of data

Ask questions

Conduct precision searches, answer detailed questions and support investigations with a full SPL query interface. Export results in multiple formats (XML, JSON, CSV).

Identify trends

Dashboards for understanding resources, data, and alert patterns over time. Straightforward export for sharing reports with others or representing critical data elsewhere.
Dashboard showing policy violations including asset violations by severity and by policy


Interactive filters for each dashboard allow for adjusting the time frame (from day to year), account, region or key attribute such as storage type, retention, and encryption.
Dashboard showing S3 details - graphs, trends, tables

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