Use Case

Discover and classify data

Data sprawl happens. It’s the natural byproduct of a healthy, growing cloud environment. Left unchecked, sprawl leaves sensitive data in places it's unwanted or exposed. The result is excessive risk, unnecessary costs and compliance work that’s harder than it should be.
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Automated, cost effective

Staying in control of your data starts with visibility; you can’t manage what you can’t see. Too often it’s been expensive or time-consuming to see inside cloud infrastructure to the data within. Born out of our own challenges wrangling high growth cloud environments, we built Open Raven to make discovering and classifying data at scale both affordable and automated.
Open Raven's classification engine showing customizable cost controls
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Touchless data classification

The Open Raven Data Security Platform connects to your cloud environment within minutes and works over native APIs, serverless functions, and ephemeral compute. It analyzes the data where it resides without moving it or even touching it— your functions run our analysis engine with you in full control of the sampling rate (0-100%), budget, time constraints, and exclusion logic. Quickly analyze massive amounts of data or slowly build a catalog over time, picking up data not previously seen in follow-on, incremental scans.
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Open and AI-assisted

Data classification at scale is our specialty. Structured or unstructured, we analyze data using a combination of AI-derived patterns and post-processing to make analysis both fast and cost-effective. Easily define custom data classes based on object contents, datastore contents, or object metadata.
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Full results, programmatically

Visual mapping and a data catalog makes it easy to spot anomalies and report out (e.g., for compliance purposes) while the full results can be accessed via API, over EventBridge or in a private Snowflake database. Resources can be tagged (e.g., by data type present or risk) from within the Open Raven UI or actions can be triggered programmatically using webhooks or APIs. We fit your workflow and after initial setup, our aim is to make everything as automated as possible.
Open Raven platform connected to an API, Snowflake, and webhook.