Data Classes

Data classes and classification methods

Built for security with predefined classes that identify regulated and sensitive data, developer secrets, composite data classes, and advanced capabilities for scanning metadata and creating custom data classes.
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Identify data risk at scale with 300+ predefined data classes designed for unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data, tested with Mockingbird and assisted by AI. Content data classes are grouped into distinct collections — developer secrets, personal, healthcare, financial, and global (GPS coordinates, VINs, IP and MAC addresses, and more).
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Personal data, patient health data, and other regulated data types group together data classifiers (e.g., first name, last name, address, national ID, etc.) and may also use logic during the grouping. Composite data classes enable security teams to use standard and custom data class groupings to assess security posture as a single data finding versus many, greatly simplifying cross-functional understanding and action.
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Fully customizable data classes that support internal policies or business-specific data types using a combination of regex, keywords, keyword adjacency, and an optional validator API to confirm/deny the match. Design data classes for content or metadata, incorporate match patterns, keywords, and customize the preview generation method.