Automate your data security

Preventing data exposures, leaks, breaches, and compliance issues requires proper context. Combine configuration data with data context, apply data-specific rules and policies, initiate workflows, and resolve issues.
Open Raven receiving data context from cloud providers and can apply it to rules, policies, maps, alerts, etc.
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Quickly identify data risk

Deploy guardrails with pre-built or custom rules and policies that combine data and resource context, from exposed developer secrets to PII in a risky location. Quickly view and filter policy violations. Accelerate issue resolution with integrations and workflow automation.
Environments connected to Open Raven showing which assets have violations like public PII, GDPR rule violation, and exposed developer secrets
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Validate findings

Preview discovered data with a safe level of redaction directly in-line with each finding without exposing sensitive information. Customize data preview generation methods for each data class to accommodate specialized data types that raise unusual privacy concerns.
Asset in Open Raven showing data previews to manage privacy concerns
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Customize everything

Translate paper policies into scalable monitoring and enforcement. Easily create custom rules in SQL or python, build composite dataclasses that match toxic data combinations, and export alerts, findings, reports via API.
Custom data class showing the JSON. These classes can be grouped together to be recognized as crown jewel data and easily identify problems
Open Raven map showing all assets with one asset in violation and it's connections to other regions
Use Case

Establish guardrails for data

The liquid, ever expanding nature of data sets the table for data sprawl but the problem is compounded by a lack of clear ownership for data hygiene. Data teams are held responsible for delivering on data science projects and analytics-- not keeping data safe.

"Open Raven conducts scanning alongside our data using cost-effective and self-contained serverless functions with account-specific read-only permissions. We maintain control, and our data never leaves our environment."

Henrick Andersson, Deserve CISO
— Henric Andersson, CISO, Deserve