Use Case

Enforce data security policies for file and folder sharing

Google Drive makes it all too easy to share sensitive data with the wrong party and demands persistent vigilance and end-user training. Every user has the power to expose it - internally and externally. Enforcing corporate data security policies via scripts doesn't scale or offer enough functionality. Corporate Security teams need a modern take on data loss prevention.
List of All Violations with Rule Type is DLP, Status is Open, and Date Found is Last 7 days filters are applied.
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Visualize sensitive data sharing risk

Google Drive makes it easy for anyone to share files and folders and virtually impossible for security teams to know what sensitive data has already traveled beyond company boundaries. Gain critical visibility into shared sensitive data by combining sensitive data context with user, permission, and domain details.
Salary and Equity Agreements Google Doc with 13 violations. It is shared directly with both personal (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail) email addresses and external email addresses.
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Easily get back in full control – without tons of work

Security teams need to balance security with productivity. Restrict sensitive sharing too much and productivity drops and users complain. Unrestricted sensitive data sharing increases risk. With Open Raven, security teams can achieve the right balance by implementing granular domain and user-level restrictions. Authorized business partners and contractors? Allow. Personal email addresses and everything else? Deny. 
Panel for Marketing Budget Q4 Google Sheet. Clicked into the Access Tab. A few users from the list with personal addresses are selected and the 'Remove access for selected users' appeared.
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Identify stale data

We've seen this movie before. The thief disables the security camera and wipes surfaces clean to avoid detection and identification. Cloud data resource logs are required for compliance, essential for incident response, often used for performance and cost optimization - when disabled or even deleted, they’re often the first sign of attack.
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Automatically respond to oversharing and other risk

Workflow automations enable taking action across individual or groups of files or at the folder and drive level. Configure automatic notifications for employee file owners. Set sharing expiration dates. 
Security alert messages from Open Raven in Slack. One shows that a new user was archived in Google Workspace, action buttons are Offboard user or Ignore. Next is File shared externally containing sensitive data, action buttons are Remove share access and Auto-expire in two weeks.