Know your data.
Keep it safe.

Data security visibility and compliance for the cloud

Answer the hard questions about data security without breaking a sweat — or your budget.

The sheer size and speed of modern data sprawl often leaves us guessing what data we have and how it is protected.
Our data lakes and warehouses are now our biggest blind spots.

Restore visibility

  • See across geographic regions and VPCs in real-time
  • Get the complete picture - we show you what’s running on generic compute and native services using machine learning based data store fingerprinting
  • Eliminate gaps - zero agents or sidecars - analysis performed by function as a service
  • 1 click filters for fast response to key questions, e.g., What's Internet accessible? What’s unencrypted?
Open Raven map showing visability between assets
Open Raven map showing a variety of data

Understand your data

  • Classify personal data, health care data, financial data, developer secrets & more
  • Safe and budget friendly - all analysis conducted read only and via function as a service
  • Complete coverage- select from a full library of data classes or quickly build your own
  • Accuracy achieved via a combination of techniques: patterns, machine learning, adjacency analysis & validator APIs


The term ‘single pane of glass’ gets thrown around an awful lot. But my team is saying that Open Raven is great because of the ‘ubiquitous view across the AWS org...they can get everything in a click.”

—Justin Dolly, CSO, Sauce Labs


Open Raven eliminates both the manual effort and our key concerns with our S3-based data lake.”

— Software Company


At our scale and size, nothing has come close to what we can now understand and manage since we’ve deployed Open Raven.”

— Gaming Company


Open Raven fills the gap left by our CSPM of classifying and protecting our data.”

— Auto Manufacturer


We trust Open Raven for real-time visibility and preventing data leaks.”

— FinTech Company

Stop data exposure

  • Proactively identify data leaks, places where data isn’t properly protected (weak authentication, lack of backup, unencrypted, etc.)
  • Pinpoint sensitive data types inside log files, from JSON to protobuf, at scale
  • Automate alerting for anomalous events, such as unwanted types of data or new data storage
  • Flexes to fit your workflow - receive notifications by Slack/email/etc., stream events by firehose or customize your deployment with webhook or GraphQL
Open Raven map showing exposed data
Open Raven's map showing how to identify data and visualize data transfers

Simplify regulatory compliance

  • Identify misplaced data, from health information to payment cards, that creates business risk
  • Visualize potential data transfer across countries with a single click
  • Effortless, dynamic data location and inventory reporting
  • Customizable dashboards made for sharing and export

Automate business rules

  • Match data monitoring rules to contract requirements for worry-free auditing
  • Define boundaries for data, ensuring it remains in the data store, VPC or region where it is expected (and not elsewhere)
  • Understand who has access to data to identify excessive permissions
  • Create custom rules and policies to suit your organization’s specific needs
Open Raven defines boundaries for data, monitor rules, and more
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