See how to restore visibility and control of your public cloud data

Cloud-native data classification for security

Pinpoint data security and compliance risk. Apply guardrails. Prevent incidents and streamline response.

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Discover and classify data

Automatically inventory data stores. Classify discovered data. Pinpoint sensitive and regulated data and understand how it is secured and the associated risk.
Map with assets different assets tagged including US Social Security Number, Payment Card Number, Email Address, Custom Data Classes, and more

Find exposed, shadow, or toxic data

Locate data exposed to the internet. Ensure data is where developers believe it should be. Discover data that is both sensitive and exposed.
Map of sensitive assets tagged like SSH Credentials in Logs and Internet Accessible PII

Apply data security guardrails

Deploy pre-built or customized data-specific rules and policies and monitor for exposure conditions where there’s a mismatch between the type of data and how it is protected.
Map of assets protected by rules and policies like AWS CIS Foundations, PCI DSS, and Geofencing Policy
Product Overview

How the Open Raven Data Security Platform works

Discover, classify, take action, integrate, and analyze.
Why Open Raven?

Complete visibility.
Integration ready.
Secure and private.
Budget safe.

Diagram showing how Open Raven connects to different assets through Lambda

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Restore visibility and control of your public cloud data.