Automate data security

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Comprehensive visibility

With the Open Raven Data Security Platform, security teams can quickly and automatically inventory data stores, classify data at petabyte-scale, pinpoint sensitive data, and identify risk. This provides immediate value, making it easy to spot shadow data and left-behind services, dangerous 3rd party network connections, unwanted data sharing relationships, and other risk factors.
Open Raven connected to a variety of cloud providers, receiving asset metadata and then showing a modal with it's information, violations, access, etc.
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Prevent costly security incidents

Open Raven proactively identifies the conditions that lead to data leaks and breaches, allowing data to be secured or removed so that the team can avoid a time-consuming and expensive security incident. ~90% of breaches are due to human errors that can be readily detected and fixed.
Environments connected to Open Raven showing which assets have violations like public PII, GDPR rule violation, and exposed developer secrets
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Streamline compliance

Global companies need to know and control customer data in order to comply with GDPR, Schrems II and instill confidence in their international customers. Open Raven automates both locating a wide variety of customer data and creates guardrails that streamline responses to compliance efforts (e.g., SOC2, HITRUST) and helps keep data only where it’s expected to be.
Open Raven connecting to a policy engine with checkmarks
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Eliminate unnecessary costs and risk

Between 60% and 90% of cloud data is “dark” –data that is never touched, used or perhaps even seen. Open Raven pinpoints all data locations and highlights sensitive data, showing where both costs and risks can be reduced by eliminating unnecessary data and services.
Regions with a few assets highlighted, other assets are replaced with question marks.

What our customers think

"Open Raven conducts scanning alongside our data using cost-effective and self-contained serverless functions with account-specific read-only permissions. We maintain control, and our data never leaves our environment."

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— Henric Andersson, CISO, Deserve

"The initial implementation was fast and effective. We quickly got our data scanned at scale."

— Gary Miller, DVP Information Security, TaskUs

“Before Open Raven, identifying the locations and types of sensitive and financial data required significant time and entirely too much JSON. With Open Raven, I have automated visibility and control and can better scale my resources. I can’t get this anywhere else, not as quickly nor as affordably.’”

Sean Darragh headshot
— Sean Darragh, CISO, Apiture