One mission:

End data exposure by putting organizations back in control of their data.
Summer 2019
Platform development begins
Winter 2019
1st design partner deployments
Spring 2020
"Where's my data?"
Data store (native/non-native) and mapping
Fall 2020
"What data do I have?"
AWS S3 data inventory and classification via Lambda
Winter 2020/21
"What data is at risk?"
Rules-based policies for identifying data exposure
Spring 2021
"How can I take action on data risk?"
Alerting, Data Catalog and related features
Summer 2021
"Can I recover from ransomware?"
Backup integration, assessment & hardening rules
Winter 2021
"Can you show me long-term trends?"
Splunk-based dashboard and reporting, scan scaling & further integration work
Spring 2022
"How can I scale?"
Enhanced asset list & a leap forward in scanning efficiency, robustness, and control
Summer 2022
"Can I scan structured data stores?"
Fall 2022
"Can I use APIs to explore data findings?"
Winter 2022
"Can I scan and classify structured data?"
Spring 2023
"Can I secure data in multiple clouds?"
Summer 2019: Basic outline of the Open Raven map/platform
Spring 2020: Data is mapped on the platform
Winter 2020/21: Modal on the map calls out data (email address, bank cards, SSNs) at risk of being exposed
Now: Analytics, graphs shown above the map.
Winter 2019: Open Raven platform is connected to our first design partnersFall 2020: Tags for credit cards, email addresses, bank cards, and SSNs appear on the map representing data inventory & classificationSpring 2021: New features including alerts and catalog are introduced to the platformSummer 2021: A data store with ransomware rules attached to it Three data stores connected by dotted lines. Green alert with checkmark that says 'Structured data scan created'.
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The conspiracy

Brady Boyle
Brady Boyle
Head of CX
Chris Webber
Chris Webber
Engineering Director, IT & Product Operations
David Gadoury
Senior Sales Engineer
Headshot – Ernest Wallace
Ernest Wallace
Principal Software Engineer
Hamilton Yang
Director, Product Management
Irene Guo
Product Designer
Jason Nichols
Jason Nichols
Director, Research & Development
Jeff Binder
Senior Data Scientist
Kim Foster
Director, Demand Generation
Lanny O'Connell
Director, Sales
Latimer Luis
Director, Customer Success Engineering
Mark Gable
Mark Gable
Senior Software Engineer
Matt Campbell
Senior Software Engineer
Matthew Daniel
Principal Software Engineer
Michael Ness
Michael Ness
Security Researcher
Oliver Ferrigni
Oliver Ferrigni
Director, Engineering
Pat Wakeem
Senior Software Engineer
Patrick Teng
Patrick Teng
Director, Engineering
Perry Carpenter
SDR Manager
Ranjeewa Weerasinghe
Ranjeewa Weerasinghe
Senior Software Engineer
Santiago Rozas
Director, Business Operations and Finance
Stephen Kempisty
Software Engineer
Tara Gould
Security Researcher
Tyler Szeto
Tyler Szeto
Software Engineer
Vanessa Frye
Vanessa Frye
Waverly Hsiao
Software Engineer
Bele saying "Howdy!"

Meet Béle

As the saying goes, the “birds-eye” view affords you a speedy picture of everything around. And no bird is better at finding things than a raven. In Norse mythology, Odin’s fabled ravens, Huginn & Muninn, brought him the important news daily from their tireless travels across Midgard.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did the same for you, sweeping across all areas and finding the essential stuff to tell you about your most critical asset, your data? So please meet Béle. She represents both what we deliver for our customers and our belief that security could stand to be a little more fun and a whole lot better looking.