Integrate data context, reduce alerts and save time

Identify and respond faster to data risk and threats with integrations into common workflow tools including Slack, Jira, Service Now, email, Webhooks, Snowflake, or work programmatically with comprehensive APIs.
Open Raven connecting with a variety of integrations and APIs.
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Automated alerts with data context

Receive data discovery and alerts automatically via email, Slack, and webhooks. Generate Jira tickets with full alert and data details.
Message Slack for all High GDPR rule violations, Notify Eventbridge for Medium AWS Security Basics, Send Webhooks for all Social Security Numbers in Account: Production, Create Jira Ticket for all High Dev Secret Violations
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Enrich security datalakes

Data context improves event correlation, management, and response. Stream data from Open Raven into security datalakes powered by Snowflake.
Open Raven platform connected to a datalake through Snowflake
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Full programmatic control

Scan API enables programmatic scan control for just-in-time discovery and classification of new data stores, accounts, tagged-data stores with significant changes, and more.
Scan API sending information into the Open Raven platform which is classifying, mapping, looking for violations, etc.

"The initial implementation was fast and effective. We quickly got our data scanned at scale."

— Gary Miller, DVP Information Security, TaskUs