Data Security Platform

Platform Architecture

No data security solution should create more risk than it aims to reduce by requiring data to be moved or transferred, requiring dangerous changes to security groups, or storing sensitive customer data.

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Highly efficient analysis

Open Raven harnesses a combination of native APIs, serverless functions and ephemeral compute (no dedicated scanners or agents) for data location, inventory, and accurate classification of cloud data where it lies without requiring high risk configuration changes. We don’t require data to be copied or moved for analysis.
Open Raven platform connects out to cloud data where it lies without removing/copying data.
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Data previews

The platform stores only metadata about your cloud resources the data within. Data Previews give you insight into the nature of the sensitive data, showing a percentage of each data item discovered. The allows you to understand findings in detail and take action without the risk of exposing sensitive information.
Open Raven uses metadata and data snippets to avoid the risk of exposing sensitive information
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Open architecture

Open source is at the heart of our platform. We are the creators and maintainers of Magpie, an open source Cloud Security Posture Manager or CSPM that is also the discovery and security rules engine for our platform. Similarly, the Mockingbird project is central to how we test at Open Raven. It’s an open-source synthetic data generator that populates objects with sensitive data such as fake social security numbers or credit card numbers for testing and benchmarking.
Magpie connected to Open Raven platform