Meet Magpie

Introducing a free, commercially maintained CSPM

We love open source, who doesn’t? However, love often means accepting the good with the bad — the extensibility and customization with the lack of updates. But, no longer. The world of open source CSPMs just got a whole lot brighter. As it turns out, in order to tackle the major challenge in classifying data at cloud scale, we first had to build a world-class cloud security posture manager (CSPM) for both native and non-native asset discovery with security rules and policies; enter Magpie. With built-in rules for ransomware, AWS and GCP security benchmarking, architects and engineers can unify the assessment and management of their cloud security posture with a free alternative to costly, legacy CSPMs.

In this webinar, learn how Magpie provides:

  • Easy deployment
  • Cloud asset discovery and reporting
  • Non-native application discovery (DMAP)
  • Security best practice rules
  • Ransomware rules