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Why Open Raven?

The power to handle petabyte-scale with the flexibility to fit your environment.

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Secure and private

Your data stays where it is. Open Raven is cloud-native and runs with read-only access; no agents. Only a configurable amount of metadata is sent to our platform.
Open Raven externally connected to an environment with read only access.
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Complete and accurate analysis

Complete visibility into all data at rest using more than 200 data classes, powered by regular expressions, machine learning, and robust validator functions.
Open Raven platform with screens of the map, asset details, and data catalog.
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The power to handle petabyte-scale with the flexibility to fit your budget. An optimized, serverless architecture with controllable scans provides predictable costs and outcomes.
Open Raven classification engine with customizable cost controls
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Trust what you can see. Key functionality of the Open Raven platform, from our discovery capabilities to our security rules are available on Github as open source projects. Project Mockingbird is essential to how we test and free for anyone to use.
Magpie and Mockingbird, Open Raven's open source projects. Open Raven platform connected to integrations and APIs
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Data classes are more flexible than your yoga instructor. Create new classes, group them together or validate them against a custom API. Rules and policies are equally customizable to match your organization’s unique needs.
Examples of custom data classes using code that can be combined and made into a policy or alert.