Use Case

Streamline offboarding of people and partners

Merely revoking access and transferring file and folder ownership upon the departure of employees or partners is not sufficient to remediate all data security risks. A thorough offboarding process requires analysis and response to the sharing activities of these individuals as well.
Open Raven UI shows a user, Erin Mango, that is being offboarded. The files are filtered to show what they shared with their own external email.
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Investigate sharing activity using sensitive data context

Finding sharing risk in Google Drive using native tools is like finding a needle in a haystack. Open Raven makes it easy by providing the right tools and context. Receive alerts with full context. Search for sharing activity by data classes, domains, and email addresses. 
Violation for a DLP asset. Files shared externally with helathcare data is the name of the rule. A few of the files are selected and the options to Change access or Delete file appeared.
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Streamline access removal

Thorough access removal using native tools is often a manual and tedious process. Open Raven streamlines access removal by enabling administrators to take action on multiple files, folders, and drives, swiftly eliminate external access, restrict sharing to specific domains, and set expiration dates for sharing permissions. 
Create policy rule modal. The filters are set to Data Collection is Developer Secrets, Shared with, and Access expires in 30 days. The Actions are set to Slack, email, and access change.
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Identify stale data

We've seen this movie before. The thief disables the security camera and wipes surfaces clean to avoid detection and identification. Cloud data resource logs are required for compliance, essential for incident response, often used for performance and cost optimization - when disabled or even deleted, they’re often the first sign of attack.