Data Security Platform

Discover and classify data across clouds. Apply guardrails. Eliminate risk.

Data is the last mile in any breach, yet far too often it’s hard to see and difficult to manage. Privacy-driven approaches fail to operationalize. DIY efforts with native services are painful. Enter Open Raven.

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Automatically map data locations

Staying in control of your data starts with visibility; you can’t manage what you can’t see. Too often it’s been expensive or time-consuming to see inside cloud infrastructure to the data within. Born out of our own challenges wrangling high growth cloud environments, we built Open Raven to make discovering and classifying data at scale both affordable and automated.
Open Raven connecting to a variety of cloud providers and mapping the assets in that environment
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Classify data at rest

The default data class library includes more than 200 classes for global, personal, healthcare, financial, and developer secrets data categories. Supports an extensive variety of file types from JSON to Apache Parquet and more.
Says "In AWS & GCP find Developer Secrets and Financial Data". Below is a list of assets in AWS and GCP that fit this combination.
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Integrate data context

Proactively identify and resolve security issues with rules that combine data and resource context, from exposed developer secrets to PII in a risky location. Utilize built-in rules or easily create custom rules in SQL or python.
Open Raven connecting with a variety of integrations and APIs.
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Automate your data security

Preventing data exposures, leaks, breaches, and compliance issues requires proper context. Combine configuration data with data context, apply data-specific rules and policies, and initiate workflows to resolve issues.
Open Raven receiving data context from cloud providers and can apply it to rules, policies, maps, alerts, etc.
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See trends and generate reports

Knowing how an environment changes over time is invaluable – for spotting trends, budgeting, planning, and more. Pinpoint queries with raw data are equally helpful for answering detailed questions. Open Raven’s Analytics combines trending, search, and reports for a full view of data.
Screenshots of S3 Details and the Policy Violation Dashboard