Full cloud data discovery

Shadow data, stale data, and toxic data are the seeds of the next data leak or breach – and oversized cloud bill. Scanning data in-motion can't find them. Solving modern data security challenges requires automatically discovering data at rest at cloud-scale.
Open Raven connected to a variety of cloud providers, receiving asset metadata and then showing a modal with it's information, violations, access, etc.
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Automated data service discovery

DMAP technology™ fully discovers all native and non-native data services and produces a detailed asset list with critical attributes visible at a glance.
DMAP highlighting different data services across a number of regions and asset types
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Visualization for security

Map-based visualization that can be interactively filtered and explored to quickly spot data risk - internet-visible resources, security group policies, peering relationships, shadow data, and more.
The Open Raven map showing an asset in violation
Use Case

Discover and classify data

Data sprawl creates excessive risk, unnecessary costs and makes compliance work harder than it should be