Use Case

Establish data guardrails

The liquid, ever expanding nature of data sets the table for data sprawl but the problem is compounded by a lack of clear ownership for data hygiene. Data teams are held responsible for delivering on data science projects and analytics-- not keeping data safe.
Open Raven map showing all assets with one asset in violation and it's connections to other regions
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The hard questions

If you manage to avoid an accidental leak, the problem often becomes apparent when it’s time for an audit, and you must answer difficult questions. Is this where all the patient health information is stored (HITRUST, HIPAA)? Can you prove there is only cardholder data in this VPC (PCI)? How do we know the data we’re sharing with partners is properly secured, and do we have evidence to back it up?
Two Beles asking "HITRUST?" and "Secure customer data?" over different cloud environments
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Guardrails provide easy answers

Open Raven’s data guardrails provide automated, straightforward answers to mastering data sprawl and security at cloud scale. The rule-based policies monitor sensitive data for a wide range of conditions from location (a specific service or instance, VPC, region, etc) to configuration such as use of encryption, MFA, or the existence of peering relationships. In this fashion, partner data sharing agreements and audit mandates can be moved from paper-based policies into code that allows for efficient enforcement and proof of compliance.

When data drifts, automated alerts (e.g., Slack, email, webhooks) indicate that a guardrail has been triggered so that data is safe and sprawl is kept in check.
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Farewell, manual audits

Setting up data guardrails in Open Raven means you can wave goodbye to manual audits of data locations and inventory. The platform provides clear evidence of the controls that support compliance, often saving long hours or even days of effort. Confidence when dealing with auditors is great, but it’s even better when the sales team has strong responses to the tough questions that arise when prospects ask just how their data will be protected.
Open Raven connecting to a policy engine with checkmarks