Use Case

Assess the security posture of data

The growing problem of managing data risk has newfound urgency. Data extortion is rising, with attackers threatening to leak sensitive data rather than holding it for ransom. Security teams can’t be in a position where attackers know more about their data than they do.
Asset in violation with screenshot of Open Raven violations panel. Shows open violations including it's details like severity, rule description. Also shows integrations and affected data sources.
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More focus where it matters most

Open Raven automates both understanding and managing your data security posture. Rules-based policies, ranging from CIS Benchmarks to regulatory standards such as GDPR, precisely identify where data is at risk versus generalized alerts for infrastructure configuration issues from a CSPM.  Nobody wants more alerts — using data context you can focus in on the primary target of any leak or breach itself (insecure data) versus chasing lower priority problems.
Environments connected to Open Raven showing which assets have violations like public PII, GDPR rule violation, and exposed developer secrets
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Your data risk is as unique as your organization. Open Raven is designed to be open, allowing for not only custom data classes and collections but also DIY rules and policies as well so that issues specific to your business can be represented in straightforward SQL code and used for proactive monitoring. You can find plenty of examples in our GitHub account.
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Flexible remediation

When it comes to remediation, flexibility is key. Turning data security alerts into Slack messages or Jira tickets is easy with point and click integrations, but so is tagging data stores with sensitive data labels or applying a backup policy (e.g., using AWS backup). Need a custom action? Use our automation workflow and a webhook.
Mountain landscape with all of the customizable features of Open Raven scattered in the horizon