Sensitive Data Generation

Quickly generate and populate files with synthetic sensitive data such as social security numbers or credit card numbers. Create data sets in various file formats such as office documents, Apache parquet and log files. Relevant metadata such as the amount and type of data that was placed into each document is tracked to allow for independent grading and evaluation.

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Highly Configurable

Set tunable parameters to generate files of various size and composition to cover a wide range of data generation and benchmarking scenarios. For instance Mockingbird can generate files of arbitrarily large (or small) sizes to test speed and performance of data classification tools across a range of file sizes or test speed and accuracy when encountering files with a wide range of the type of sensitive data and the composition of those types.

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Integration to Third Party Tools

Mockingbird has direct integration with Mockaroo to convert a user’s custom Mockaroo API into Mockingbird documents. Mockaroo provides “mock-data-as-a-service”, and has an extensive library of randomly generated mock data, which provides a convenient entry point for Mockingbird to use as seed data.