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Modern data security

Data is the last mile in any breach, yet far too often it’s hard to see and difficult to manage. Privacy-driven approaches fail to operationalize. DIY efforts with native services are painful. Enter Open Raven.

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Easy setup, quick results

Connect accounts or an organization instead of deploying scanners or agents. Map built within minutes of all regions and VPCs.
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Open and customizable

Construct custom data classes and SQL-based rules. Extensible open-source discovery engine. Multiple methods for exporting platform data.
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Safety for data & budgets

Serverless architecture designed for read-only analysis of data where it resides (no transfer) and cost effective analysis at enterprise scale.
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Map data locations automatically using FaaS and native APIs for a single, up-to-date view of a cloud environment. Visualization makes it straightforward to spot shadow data, misconfigurations, and other conditions that lead to data leaks and compliance problems.
Inspection of a bucket pointing out classes


Scan data at rest to build a comprehensive catalog of developer secrets, regulated, and crown jewel data. Use default or custom data classes to spot data at risk inside files and data lakes. Scans are easily tuned to meet goals: cost, time, completeness.
Creating custom classes
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Take Action

Monitor data safety using rules that combine data and infrastructure context to proactively detect and remediate data mishaps. Default and custom, SQL or python based rules create guardrails that alert when data is at risk, whether developer secrets are Internet accessible or payment card data is in the wrong location.


Freshly discovered data and alerts integrate with your existing workflows through Jira, Slack, email, webhook, EventBridge, and more. AWS Backup is integrated by default to easily identify status and add data to policies to improve resilience.
Analytics / graph


Query for raw results or examine long-term trends with Open Raven Analytics. Interactive views with a broad set of filters for both infrastructure and data simplify understanding and working with results.
Dashboard showing policy violations including asset violations by severity and by policy
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The term ‘single pane of glass’ gets thrown around an awful lot, but my team was saying Open Raven is great because of the ‘ubiquitous view across the AWS org...they can get everything in a click.’”

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