Exec Peer-to-Peer Insights on Today's Cybersecurity Issues

Recorded on
October 13, 2020

Get ready for a fresh and fun approach to getting insights from top security executive leaders on today's enterprise cybersecurity issues. In this 30-minute panel discussion with an entertaining "rapid-fire" format, hear real insights into how security initiatives and investments are affected by public cloud adoption, how the risk and threat landscape are evolving, and how new regulatory and compliance pressures are influencing data protection priorities.

Rapid-fire questions to panelists include:

  • Data privacy regulations are a jumbled mess. You have 2 minutes to design your own. What would you put in it?
  • Honest take on zero trust: where are we now?
  • Security teams are being left behind during the migration to the cloud. How can they catch up?
  • What’s the most important trend in cyber security people are not talking about?