Flying Blind: The Case for Cloud Data Security

Recorded on
February 21, 2023

During the 1950s, commercial airline pilots often operated using purely visual flight rules. For years this critical lack of instrumentation resulted in numerous near-miss incidents and more than a few mid-air passenger jet collisions.Today, security teams operate in the cloud in much the same way. They can see their cloud infrastructure but are flying blind when asked to know the precise location, type, and sensitivity of data stored in the cloud. Meanwhile, data breaches and leaks persist.The time has arrived for organizations to begin the transition to instrument-driven cloud data visibility and control to finally protect sensitive data stored in the cloud.Join Open Raven CEO Dave Cole as he travels between 1950s aviation history and present-day uses of cloud infrastructure.

In this webinar Dave will discuss:
• Why data privacy solutions don't solve the needs of cloud data security teams.
• How data intelligence determines which incident response playbook to run, especially when the clock's ticking.
• How the Open Raven Data Security Platform restores visibility and control of cloud data.