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GDPR Compliance

Personal data subject to GDPR regulations lives in plain sight in structured data stores and hides in the recesses of log files, account statements, invoices, and other unstructured data inside object storage. With pre-built data classes and rules, and the ability to quickly and accurately scan petabytes of data, Open Raven gives security teams essential visibility and control of GDPR regulated data to ensure compliance.
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Answer fundamental GDPR data security compliance questions

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Discover types and locations of regulated data

Predefined data classes identify GDPR-regulated data leveraging sophisticated machine learning and pattern matching techniques, and AI-assisted validation to ensure accuracy.
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Demonstrate compliance

Easily produce reports and alert on data locations, potential data transfers, backup, and protection statuses to satisfy GDPR requirements.
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Monitor compliance

Monitor the protection status of sensitive data with pre-built or customized rules and policies and manage violations using existing workflows to reduce GDPR compliance risks, prevent incidents, and avoid expensive fines.