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The Open Raven Managed Service is a force multiplier for cloud data security, visibility, and control.

Keeping pace with the variation, velocity and volume of data at cloud scale is a challenge for any security team, so why not add some expert hands and guidance? The Open Raven Managed Service is designed to empower organizations to quickly, effectively, and continuously secure their cloud data.

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Our team needed more than native utilities and open source tools to quickly and consistently protect sensitive data in our complex cloud deployments. With Open Raven, we will be able to augment our team, accelerate data discovery and security, and improve data governance in a consistent and prescribed manner.

Integration and customization

From setup and implementation, to use case operationalization and baseline integration with alerting and reporting services, our experts will work with your team to understand your environment and processes and accelerate your journey to greater data security, visibility and control.
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Expert analysis and training

Our team will provide expert insights into scan results, policy violations, and trends as well as support improving incident response including workflows and playbooks. Private training and workshops are tailored to these findings for an ongoing transfer of knowledge, ensuring maximum benefit for the life of the service.
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Executive reporting on risk and posture

We will help design and streamline your reporting needs to make communication of data security risk and posture easy and clear. From dashboards for day-to-day activities to quarterly reports to regulatory-specific requests, our team will assist in ensuring you have what you need.
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