Data Loss Prevention for Google Drive Now Available with the Open Raven Data Security Platform

December 12, 2023

Sensitive data context powers sharing policy enforcement, insider investigations, and employee and partner offboarding

Open Raven — a leading Enterprise data security solutions provider — announced the addition of Data Loss Prevention capabilities for SaaS to its Data Security Platform, starting with Google Drive. Production and corporate security teams can now use a single platform to secure sensitive IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS data with unified Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Data Detection and Response (DDR). 

“Our customers have been asking us to extend our platform into SaaS services and none more urgently than Google Drive," said Open Raven CEO Dave Cole. "In spite of native security features and CASB defenses, accidental data leaks happen daily, insider risk goes largely unchecked and it’s simply too difficult to fully offboard people and partners. Combining SaaS DLP with our platform means customers can automatically build and defend a single data catalog for their data, whether it’s in a parquet file in AWS S3 or pro forma financials inside Google Sheets."

Workspace data in Google Drive, such as Finance, HR, Sales, and Marketing documents, is often protected by only basic controls determined by service level, leaving confidential information vulnerable to accidental exposure and potentially out of compliance with security policies.  

With the SaaS DLP capabilities of the Open Raven Data Security Platform, Enterprises can: 

  • Discover and classify sensitive data in Google Drive at scale, evaluating both existing and new data for sharing risk
  • Investigate and remediate sharing activity using sensitive data context
  • Streamline offboarding of people and partners
  • Enforce company data security policies 

"Native tools and scripts lack scalability and sufficient sensitive data context to address the risks associated with Google Drive external data sharing," said Orum Vice President of Security and Compliance Rolland Miller. "With the SaaS DLP capabilities of the Open Raven Data Security Platform, we now have the necessary visibility and control over sensitive data access within and beyond the company's boundaries."

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About Open Raven 

Open Raven is a leader in automated multi-cloud data security. The Open Raven Data Security Platform works at cloud scale, is fully customizable, and enables organizations to gain 360-degree visibility into their cloud data so they can prevent attacks and data loss, eliminate unnecessary costs and risks, and streamline compliance. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, visit or follow us @openraven.