Modern Mythology: Data On Prem is More Secure than in the Cloud

The supposed security superiority of on-premises environments have been used countless times to slow roll cloud initiatives since the early days of the public cloud. However, if you look closely, is there a real advantage to securing data on-premises versus in the cloud?

In this talk, Dave Cole and Mark Curphey, cybersecurity veterans whose experience stretches across 50 years combined, break down how exactly the opposite is true: it’s often possible, and in fact, actually easier to secure a public cloud environment than it is to properly defend an on-premises environment.

This presentation will cover the following:

  • Compare and contrast a wide range of factors, from identity models to observability and outsourcing
  • Core security functions like vulnerability management and patching to explore how the move to the public cloud fundamentally changes what is possible (For example, when’s the last time you were in the office to patch that aging firmware?)
  • Key differences between protecting physical and software-defined infrastructure
  • Reality check: what factors can make cloud security more challenging than before?