A Better Alternative to Amazon Macie

How Open Raven Monitors, Protects Data Lakes Built on AWS S3 & Elsewhere

Amazon Macie is a service primitive for data classification and security assessment that aims to protect sensitive data in AWS S3 buckets. While useful in some scenarios, it’s challenged to operationalize data loss protection workflow end-to-end as well as a prohibitive cost model for many continuous operations use cases.

This 50-minute workshop will compare the capabilities and use cases for Open Raven as an alternative to Amazon Macie, particularly for protecting sensitive data in AWS S3 and elsewhere. The workshop will conclude with product demonstration of the new Open Raven cloud-native data protection platform, before a live Q&A session.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to visualize and protect sensitive data across your AWS environment, including how to:

  • Auto discover and classify data at scale with advanced search
  • Continuously monitor data and enforce security and privacy policies with OPA
  • Protect your data lakes built on AWS S3 and elsewhere
  • Automate end-to-end operations for security and privacy use cases