Open Raven Privacy Notice for California Residents

Last updated February 10, 2020

Open Raven, Inc. has prepared this California Privacy Notice (the "Notice") to inform California residents of (1) the information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular California resident or household ("Personal Information") that we collect and how we use and disclose that information and (2) the privacy rights California residents may have relating to their Personal Information and how those rights can be exercised. This Notice is incorporated into and forms part of our Privacy Policy. By accessing or using the Service, you agree to the practices described in this Notice. If you do not agree to this Notice, please do not access the Site or otherwise use the Service. All capitalized but undefined terms shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Privacy Policy.

1. Personal Information Collection, Use, and Disclosure

The following disclosures are intended to provide additional information about (1) the categories of Personal Information we collect, (2) examples of the information that falls within each category, (3) the sources of Personal Information we collect, (4) how we use each category of Personal Information, and (5) how we disclose Personal Information. Nothing in this Notice limits our ability to use or disclose information as described in our Privacy Policy.

Category of Personal Information
Sources Of Personal Information
Use of Personal Information
Disclosure of Personal Information
Identification Information
Your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and your company name, size, and job title.
We collect Identification Information from you and from publicly available data collected from the internet.
We use Identification Information for marketing, sales, analytics, and communicating with you.
We disclose Identification Information to our customer relationship management provider and our marketing automation system.
Employment Information
Your employment and education history as well as any other information you submit through your resume and/or application for employment.
We collect Employment Information when it is provided by you for consideration of employment at Open Raven.
We use Employment Information for hiring purposes.
We disclose Employment Information to our Professional Employment Organization for managing recruitment processes.
Communication Information
Information included in your communications with us, such as when you attend one of our events or contact our sales or customer support teams.
We collect Communication Information from interactions with you such as form you submit or an email you’ve sent to us.
We use Communication Information to respond to your inquiries, continue a dialogue or request feedback, and to develop and improve our products and services.
We disclose Communication Information to our customer relationship management provider for facilitating communication.
Online Activity Information
When you visit the Site we may collect your IP address, browser type/settings, the date, time, and length of your visit, your browsing history, and whether you open emails we send to you and/or click on any links within those emails.
We collect Online Activity Information from you.
We use Online Activity Information for marketing and analytics.
We disclose Online Activity and Tracking Information to our customer relationship management provider, our marketing automation platform, and our analytics provider.
Social Networking Information
When you visit a social networking service, we may receive information such as name, geographic location, time of your visit and other information you have agreed to share with the social networking service itself.
We collect Social Networking Information from the social networking service.
We use Social Networking Information for marketing and analytics.
We disclose Social Networking Information to our customer relationship management provider and our marketing automation platform.
Platform Health & Usage Information
When you use the Open Raven platform, we may receive data such as a platform health indicators, license usage and feature usage.
We collect Platform Health & Usage Information from you.
We use Platform Health & Usage Information to ensure customer success, determine license compliance and to improve our product and services.
We disclose Platform Health & Usage Information to our platform analytics providers and customer relationship management provider.

Without limiting our ability to disclose information in compliance with the section of our Privacy Policy entitled Business Transfers, for purposes of the California Consumer Privacy Act we do not and will not sell your Personal Information.

2. California Privacy Rights

To the extent provided for by law and subject to applicable exceptions, California residents have the following privacy rights in relation to the Personal Information we collect:

  • The right to know what Personal Information we have collected and how we have used and disclosed that Personal Information;
  • The right to request deletion of your Personal Information;
  • The right to be free from discrimination relating to the exercise of any of your privacy rights.
  • Describe any specific circumstances, configurations, or conditions required to exploit the issue

Exercising Your Rights: California residents can exercise the above privacy rights by contacting us using the information provided for email or phone on our contact page.

Verification: in order to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access or deletion, we may require you to verify your login credentials before you can submit a request to know or delete Personal Information. If you do not have an account with us, or if we suspect fraudulent or malicious activity, we may ask you to provide additional Personal Information for verification. If we cannot verify your identity, we will not provide or delete your Personal Information.

Authorized Agents: you may submit a request to know or a request to delete your Personal Information through an authorized agent. If you do so, the agent must present signed written permission to act on your behalf and you may also be required to independently verify your identity with us.

3. Contact Us

If you have questions about this Notice or need to access this Notice in a different format, please contact us at: