Release Notes

Open Raven Platform Release: SaaS Data Loss Prevention for Google Drive

Hamilton Yang
Director, Product Management
December 29, 2023

Earlier this month, we announced the addition of Data Loss Prevention capabilities to the Open Raven Data Security Platform. Workspace data in Google Drive, such as Finance, HR, Sales, and Marketing documents, is often protected by only basic controls, leaving confidential information vulnerable to accidental or intentional exposure and potentially out of compliance with security policies.  

With the SaaS DLP capabilities of the Open Raven Data Security Platform, production and corporate security teams can now use a single solution to secure sensitive IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS data with unified Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Data Detection and Response (DDR). 

SaaS DLP is powered by our core platform capabilities — asset enumeration, data discovery and classification, policy enforcement, analytics and reporting, integrations and automations, and APIs — and has several new features, including active scanning, dozens of new security posture rules, sharing remediation actions, and more. 

Our initial release squarely addresses two critical security use cases.

Enforcing data security policies for file and folder sharing

Google Drive makes it all too easy to share sensitive data with the wrong party and demands persistent vigilance and end-user training. Every user has the power to expose sensitive data- internally and externally. Enforcing corporate data security policies via scripts doesn't scale or offer enough functionality. With Open Raven SaaS DLP, security teams can:

  • Visualize sensitive data sharing risk with critical visibility into shared sensitive data by combining data context with user, permission, and domain details.
  • Control sharing at the domain level by adding domains to either an allow or deny list. Domains on the allow list will not trigger external sharing violations. Sharing activity involving domains on the deny list will trigger a high-severity alert. 
  • Respond to oversharing and other risk with automations that trigger detailed notifications for security teams and file owners, or can remove sharing permissions.

Streamlining offboarding of people and partners

Merely revoking access and transferring file and folder ownership upon the departure of employees or partners is not sufficient to remediate all data security risks. With Open Raven SaaS DLP, security teams can conduct a thorough offboarding process by analyzing and responding to the sharing activities of these individuals. Key features include:

  • Investigating sharing activity using sensitive data context: Easily identify sharing risk, receive alerts with full context, and search for sharing activity by data classes, domains, and email addresses. 
  • Streamlined access removal: Quickly control access by taking action on multiple files, folders, and drives, swiftly eliminating external access at the domain or user level, restricting sharing to specific domains, and setting expiration dates for sharing permissions.
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