Open Raven + Security Voices

Dave Cole
February 11, 2020

In between my previous job and starting Open Raven, I started a podcast called Security Voices with Jack Daniel (B-Sides, Tenable). The idea behind the show was to clear out all the noise that's commonplace in the industry and simply have a great conversation with an interesting person. Or on an important topic. Ideally both. Ultimately we wanted to create what we love: long form, unhurried stories that represent the whole person telling them.

Throughout the time we've been building Open Raven, Security Voices has been chronicling our progress. Mark appeared on an early episode before we decided to found Open Raven. Kara Nortman spoke on our investor series while we were seeking funding. And if you listen closely, you'll hear me remark on setting up the company back office in the Summer. And so on. So when it came time to launch Open Raven, it was only natural that we'd do an episode of Security Voices to highlight the team.

So without further adieu, here's the Open Raven episode of Security Voices (#24!). Throughout the episode you will hear the voice of our team as they share the principles driving what Open Raven is building along with the pain and successes along the journey. The episode sequencing is as follows:

  • Matthew & Oliver explaining the unique Open Raven deployment model
  • Mike shares the underpinnings of the Open Raven graph
  • Jason discusses DMAP, a data store fingerprinting service
  • Brady provides the background on the Open Raven brand itself
  • Chum, head of product design, gives the details of the user experience
  • Mark covers the company’s approach to open source and why Open Raven believes it can balance commercial success with permissive licensing
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