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Open Raven Platform Release: Improved Scanning, Maps, and a Sneak Peek at JIRA Integration

Chief Corvus Officer
December 20, 2021

In November, we released significant back-end improvements resulting in faster scans, improved scan efficacy, and faster map load times. Of course, a big thanks to our customers for providing valuable feedback and participating in our current Beta programs. The first is for an upcoming Auto-scan feature, and the second is a new integration with JIRA. Read below for highlights of recent updates and progress toward future releases.

Data Scanning - Faster, More Accurate, More Affordable

The changes that have improved data scan times span the entire classification engine. The result of these back-end improvements is that customers can scan larger data sets faster, with better results, and with as much as a 30% reduction in the cost of the AWS Lambda functions used to run the scans. Click here to read more about classification techniques.

Improved Maps Load Times

We utilized ongoing advancements in the underlying 3D Maps architecture to reduce loading times for larger AWS Organizations from minutes to seconds. 

Beta Program Updates

Auto Scan

Auto Scan, scheduled for release in early 2022, reduces the time it takes to see valuable data classification results when the complexity and scale of an AWS organization are overwhelming. This feature suggests data scanning configurations automatically, provided as three options: Fast, Faster, and Fastest. If you, like others, wonder, "Where should I start?" don't worry. We have you covered.

JIRA Integration

A new JIRA integration, also slated for early 2022, adds another valuable option to fit into existing workflows. Before, if an issue required the attention of a DevOps Team using JIRA, our customers manually created JIRA Issues and used the "copy violation URL" action (among other exports) to share critical details, all gathered from Violations. This integration will add a 1-click escalation to "Create a JIRA Issue," saving valuable time. JIRA Issues populate with all the rich data context collected during asset mapping and data scanning—even down to censored previews of data findings. This integration streamlines response times to detected and escalated issues by taking the manual effort out of ticket creation, escalation, and updates.

JIRA Ticket created by Open Raven. Showing an Overview of the violated policy, rule, and severity as well as the selected asset details and tables of information.

If you're interested in participating in these or any future Beta releases, ask the Open Raven Service Team for access or contact your Account Representative.

We're very excited about our upcoming releases and look forward to sharing them with you.

Until that time, register for our upcoming webinar, a discussion led by customer and Apiture CISO, Sean Darragh, and Open Raven Co-Founder and CEO, Dave Cole.

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