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Who We Are

We’re a team of software engineers and security researchers who have fingerprints all over the open source world. Mark Curphey was the founder of OWASP, the Open Web Application Security project and has worked on security strategy for the Linux Foundation / CNCF. We have a full-time development team who are 100% dedicated to working on our open-source projects and who are active committers to many popular security and infrastructure tools. 

Why Open Source
Matters to Us

Open source is at the core of our commercial platform. It’s so important that it shares half of our company’s name. We are the creators and maintainers of Magpie, an open-source cloud discovery and security rules engine that is the core of our commercial platform and is available as a stand alone, fully functioning open source Cloud Security Posture Manager or CSPM.  


By sharing the core of our platform we are able to provide meaningful security functionality for free back to the community. It's just the right thing to do. Our customers benefit from this transparency, being able to see the latest innovation and research that usually finds its way in the commercial products in upcoming releases. We are able to partner with the security community on ideas and joint development. 

Our Research Team

Mark Curphey

Co-founder and CTO

Founder of OWASP, co-founder of Open Raven, founder and CEO of SourceClear (sold to Veracode in 2018), Product Unit Manager for MSDN Subscriptions at Microsoft, VP of Consulting at Foundstone (sold to McAfee), Director of Security at Charles Schwab. Masters Degree in Information Security from Royal Holloway University of London. Addicted cyclist.

Geometric outline portrait of Mark CurpheyMark Curphey headshot

Mike Andrews

Chief Architect

First engineer at Open Raven, Engineering manager for Azure storage, Director of engineering for Microsoft Strategic engagement team and Bing security strategist. Architect at McAfee and consultant at Foundstone. Phd in computer science and assistant professor at Florida Institute of Technology. Roadie for stadium rock bands in the 90’s. 

Geometric outline portrait of Mike AndrewsMike Andrews headshot

Jason Nichols

Open Source Engineering Lead

Co-founder and technical engineering lead of SourceClear, software developer at Veracode and McAfee. Worked on mesh networking and situational awareness software for the defense industry. A private pilot with a 1968 plane. 

Geometric outline portrait of Jason NicholsJason Nichols headshot

Tyler Szeto

Software Engineer

Former UCLA computer science major. Author of Mockingbird. Best known as the author of Dandere2x!, a popular video processing library that upscales videos into high-resolution versions. Dandere2x! Is widely used in upscaling classic Anime movies and digital comics to 4K versions and high resolution images.

Geometric outline portrait of Tyler SzetoTyler Szeto headshot

Haris Ioannou

Software Engineer

Graduated from National Technical University of Athens with a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical and computer engineering, and has his master's/specialized in machine learning from Columbia University. During his university years he co-founded three tech startups and holds two patents in robotics.

Tyler Johnson

Software Engineer

Holds a master's degree in applied statistics from the University of Wyoming. A huge fan of sports analytics, Tyler has completed several projects using various machine learning algorithms and simulation-based techniques to identify what makes a baseball pitcher perform better than others.

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