Master Ransomware Resilience

Proactively eliminate gaps in ransomware preparedness with unified infrastructure, backup and data intelligence.

Ready. Set. Go.


Locate critical resources and data

Knowing you can recover from ransomware starts with identifying critical data and resources. Open Raven automates locating data stores and classifying their contents, creating an inventory of what matters most within hours instead of days.


Effortless backup integration

Fast recovery from backups is at the heart of resiliency. Open Raven puts backup details at your fingertips to eliminate the manual effort and guesswork formerly required to know if critical systems and data can be restored and downtime can be minimized.


Precision hardening

  • Using rules designed to create ransomware resilience, Open Raven’s policy-based analysis clarifies exactly what can be done to block and limit the impact of data-focused threats. By combining assessment of infrastructure, data and backup, Open Raven streamlines the work required to stop an attack or quickly respond to an incident.


Take action

  • Add sensitive data to backup plans across resources without leaving the Open Raven UI. Same for running SPL (Splunk) queries and reports. The exact location of sensitive data is pinpointed within the data catalog with deeplinking to the object in the AWS Console. Alongside integration with email, Slack, and ticketing services, Open Raven makes short work of the actions required to create a ransomware resilient cloud environment.
Open Raven map showing publicly accessible data

We're different

  • Your time is precious. Security and cloud teams alike are chronically understaffed and under pressure. These factors and the DIY nature of proactive ransomware defenses mean they are all too often the last strategy used after prevention technology and cyber insurance. Open Raven simplifies ransomware resilience by providing an end-to-end, unified flow that moves you from not knowing where data resides to knowing you can respond quickly in the event of an attack. Need us to run the platform for you? No problem.
The term ‘single pane of glass’ gets thrown around an awful lot. But my team is saying that Open Raven is great because of the ‘ubiquitous view across the AWS org...they can get everything in a click."
—Justin Dolly, CSO, Sauce Labs

Open Raven eliminates both the manual effort and our key concerns with our S3-based data lake.

— Software Company

At our scale and size, nothing has come close to what we can now understand and manage since we’ve deployed Open Raven.

— Gaming Company

Open Raven fills the gap left by our CSPM of classifying and protecting our data.

— Auto Manufacturer

We trust Open Raven for real-time visibility and preventing data leaks.

— FinTech Company

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