Whether you want to respond to data incidents in Slack, use Splunk’s search and analytics functions, improve other security processes with data intelligence, centralized infrastructure reporting or create a custom integration with a webook, we’ve got you covered.

We fit your workflow

Open Raven offers built-in integrations for email (GSuite) and collaboration services such as Slack so that platform events appear where they can be easily handled. Prefer tickets? No problem. Open Raven integrates with your ITSM service of choice (e.g. Jira, etc.).

Integrated Splunk search, dashboards, reports

Splunk’s powerful search and analytics functions are directly integrated to allow inclusion of data and security intelligence gathered by Open Raven. Search and report by events, data types, encryption status, backup status and more. No Splunk license is required.

AWS Backup

A hands-free integration with AWS Backup means no setup to add backup intelligence to your infrastructure map, asset inventory details, policies, alerts and reports. Easily add resources to backup plans directly within the Open Raven platform to ensure that everything that should be recoverable is backed up appropriately.

Bring the cloud to your CMBD

Need to sync cloud assets to 4Me or another CMDB? Open Raven’s built-in integrations and firehose API keep your CMDB up-to-date with what’s happening in the cloud.

Firehose API & AWS Eventbridge

If you’ve ever needed detailed information about data involved in an incident while hunting, or wanted to prioritize vulnerability remediation by data criticality, this is for you. Open Raven streams to a firehose API using Amazon’s serverless event bus service (Eventbridge) to send events like asset changes and violations directly into your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response), and various other services: AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS (Simple Notification System), Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service), etc.


Looking to avoid polling with APIs? Integration with Webhooks provides another option to send event data, as they occur, from Open Raven to services of your choice over HTTP to most URL endpoints.

Additional Resources

Custom integrations

Have an idea for something we didn’t show here? Setting up Webhooks is straightforward, making short work of custom integration projects.