The Platform

The Open Raven platform delivers comprehensive protection over the cloud. Set-up within minutes to find where your data is located across your entire infrastructure, from data lakes to data warehouses. 

We designed Open Raven to be a platform we would want to use ourselves. One that scales effortlessly with predictable cost. That can be readily extended and integrated. A platform that balances rich context and visualization with a need for minimal access and data stored.

Diagram of Open Raven's platform

Ready in Minutes

Single-tenant SaaS for balancing cost, ease of use & privacy.

Integration Ready

Firehose API, open core design & use of widespread projects (i.e., OPA) ease integration, customization.


Discovery & inventory run as frequently & quickly as needed. Read only access only.


Discovery & classification based on APIs, AWS Config, CloudTrail & serverless analysis (Lambda). No agents, no network scanners.


Data remains in customer cloud, metadata only used within our platform.