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Open source is at the core of how we think about products — it’s so important that it shares half of our company’s name. We are committed to releasing key portions of the software that powers Open Raven under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and believe that by welcoming a broad community of security teams and cloud native developers, we can accelerate the adoption of cloud security, data security and privacy best practices. We’re excited to share what we build, and collaborate with you.

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Mockingbird is a Python library for generating mock documents in various formats. It accepts user-defined data, and embeds it into documents generated in many different formats. Developers can use Mockingbird to quickly generate datasets, with particular use for validating the efficacy of a data classification software. Learn more.

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In the coming months, we’ll be releasing the first, significant open source projects for Open Raven, and we welcome you to join our community.

For future open source-related updates, follow us on Twitter @openraven and open source-tagged blogs on our website.

If your organization is interested in Open Raven and potentially becoming an open source contributor, we’d love to connect in advance of our release. Contact:

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