Product overview

Discover your cloud infrastructure

  • Hands-free identification of cloud resources and key attributes across regions and accounts
  • Interactive filters for one-click visibility into internet-visible resources, security group policies, peering relationships, and more
  • Discovery performed using function as a service (FaaS) and native-APIs with safe read-only access
  • The full picture with zero gaps — no agents, no sidecars
Open Raven's map discovering assets, buckets, etc.
Open Raven's map showing where data is located

Classify and understand your cloud data

  • Classifies personal data, health care data, financial data, developer secrets and more
  • Wide range of default classes along with straight-forward creation of custom data classes — help readily available if needed
  • Accuracy achieved through use of a combination of techniques, including: patterns, machine learning, adjacency analysis and validator APIs
  • Data Classification as a Service: delivered via AWS Lambda and easily tuned to meet specific goals (time, cost, breadth, depth, etc.)

Monitor your data leaks and policy violations

  • Hands-free analysis of data, infrastructure or both at the schedule and frequency of your choosing
  • Rules combine asset attributes (tags, repository type), security group attributes, detailed data criteria, etc.
  • Based on Open Policy Agent, and fully customizable policy as code
  • Default policies for exposure monitoring or one-time assessments (ex: PCI, CIS Benchmarks, ISO 27001, SOC2, CSA, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Proactive alerting on exposed data, high-risk configurations, compliance violations, etc.
Open Raven's map showing violations
Open Raven map showing a policy violation and how to act upon it

Act on exposure incidents

  • Quick remediation using direct links to data and resources in the AWS Console
  • Alerts sent to email, ticket or Slack using pre-built integrations or other destinations using webhooks
  • SIEM or BI tool integration via streaming API for ingesting results as they become available
  • Report catalog covering data risk, asset and data inventory, data processing locations 一 summary and details
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