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We believe in the power of amazing products, taking care of our customers, and that who you are matters.

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Black Converse with Open Raven logo with an Open Raven sticker and enamel Open Raven pin propped up against the shoesGroup photo of the Open Raven team Open Raven Bele sweatshirt taking a boat ride around Newport, CASome of the Open Raven team on a stroll along the SoCal coast

Everything matters.
But some things matter more.

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Customer driven

We care deeply that we're solving a genuine problem for people – it's not enough that they purchase.
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Definition of done

We’re done when the customer is successful. Not when something ships. Not when it meets internal goals. But when we get a high-five.
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No matter what we’re making, we care that it’s done well. Perfection is not expected, but thoughtfulness is.
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We communicate plainly and directly, even when it’s hard to do so ー with kindness.
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Remote first

Everyone on the team is equal, no matter whether they’re working from home or an office.
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Equity, diversity, inclusion

We don’t want EDI to be a buzzword or a quota to hit. It works best when its a key consideration of our biz processes, when it’s “built-in” driven by our values.
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Life/work balance

Give us your best and be a great teammateー however we think it’s vital that your life is rich in ways that push you well past your keyboard.
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Trust: a 2-way street

We provide autonomy, flexibility, and focus to fix problems. We expect accountability, great teamwork, professionalism, and authenticity.

Our employees think we’re pretty cool, too

Chris Webber


Engineering Director, IT & Product Operations
Los Angeles, CA
For me, working at Open Raven is about the people I get the opportunity to work with. There is a deep sense of caring about the well being of others and a drive to tackle the hard problems for our customers."
Map of California with Bele
Ranjeewa Weerasinghe


Senior Software Engineer
Portland, OR
Open Raven is solving a tremendously difficult problem at a massive scale. I was excited to join the experienced team here and tackle this challenge. As a team member for a couple of years, I especially appreciate the collaborative and supportive environment we have created here."
Map of Oregon with Bele
Tara Gould


Security Researcher
Belfast, NI
What I enjoy most about working for Open Raven is the diversity of work that I get to do. Some days I am assigned programming tasks, other days it is to research a specific topic and I am always encouraged to start my own projects and research. In addition, I enjoy working with such experienced (and chill) colleagues!"
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Jeff Binder headshot


Security Researcher
New York, NY
I'm eager to apply my skills in Natural Language Processing to real-world problems, and helping secure data is something that benefits everyone."
Map of New York with Bele

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