Introducing the Open Raven Data Security Newsletter

Tara Gould
Security Researcher
February 22, 2022

Welcome to the launch of the Open Raven Data Security Newsletter. 

First things first. Why are we doing this? 

Well, data is what attackers want, and the number of data compromises is on the rise. Working against security professionals on the front lines is the number of exposures and breaches due to cloud misconfigurations, mistakes, and partner mishaps. With this in mind, we understand the need for a curated view of the latest cloud and data security incidents and how to prevent them. 

Simply put, this newsletter supports our mission of ending data exposures and putting companies back in control of their data. 

Now, let's go through the specifics.

Each issue of the Open Raven Data Security Newsletter will feature summaries of recent incidents, news, and events along with our perspectives and links to security rules for Magpie, our professionally developed and maintained open-source CSPM. Magpie can be used to discover cloud assets and identify security policy violations.

We'll keep the tone somewhat informal, focusing on the facts while also injecting some fun and humor along the way. We're planning to publish the newsletter every two weeks on and distribute it via RSS and email. 

Thanks for reading. If you have feedback or suggestions, drop us a line at

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