Recent Updates to Open Raven Community Edition

Dave Cole
September 2, 2020

Open Raven Community Edition is our freemium offering for discovering all your data stores across your AWS environment. It answers the critical basic question, “where is my data” in real-time, no matter where your data is stored, whether it’s in a native AWS data storage service or a non-native data store, i.e. a database running on EC2.

Since we released Community Edition back in June, we've been regularly updating the platform with new features, quality improvements and the usual tweaks. Here's a quick roundup of the highlights:

Deep-linking to the AWS Console

You can now directly access a wide variety of AWS resources, from S3 buckets to CouchDB on EC2,  directly from Open Raven by simply clicking on them. Within the list view of discovered assets, you can drill-down to asset details, adjust configuration settings, etc. by clicking on the asset name which will then take you to the exact location in the AWS Console for the resource of interest. The result? You can get to what you need even faster than before. Imagine doing this with data in an S3 bucket... right around the corner!

Expanded Data Store Fingerprinting

We’ve been rapidly increasing what DMAP, our machine learning powered data store fingerprinting service, identifies and we’re about to pass our initial goal of identifying the top 100 data stores in use globally. You can check out the progress on our “What We Discover” directory. If there’s something you’d like discovered that you don’t see listed, let us know!

Shadow Account Watcher (SAW)

SAW was quietly released this Summer and is now busily finding previously unknown AWS accounts by monitoring Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite for invoices. Invoices detected are scoured for signs of new accounts which can then be easily added for discovery, making sure you have the complete picture inside Open Raven.

New Deployment Options

It takes 10 minute or less to deploy Community Edition with the CloudFormation deployment. You also now have the option to connect accounts to Open Raven via AWS access keys, and we’ve enabled manual connection by just supplying the target account’s ARN.

Again, Open Raven Community Edition is available for free. Get your demo today and start seeing the data you need to protect!

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